Musical Theatre Bonanza
March 26, 2021


Climbing Uphill

The Last Five Years

Cathy - Joce Staidl

Another Suitcase in Another Hall


Evita - Gabby Staidl


The Wedding Singer

Julia - Nadine Mueller

Reviewing the Situation


Fagin - Josh Chapman

Nothing Short of Wonderful


Rose - Anna Spahn

I Cain't Say No


Ado Annie - Veronica McDonald


The Producers

Max Bialystock - Brady McSperrin

Children Will Listen

Into the Woods

Witch - Anna Ottavi


Bugsy Malone

Fizzy - Aidan Dolan

Stranger to the Rain

Children of Eden

Yonah - Kylee Mitwede

Try Me

She Loves Me

Arpad - Patrick Rambousek

You'll be Back


King George - Luke Heying


Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll/Hyde - Johnny Freund

Duets and Trios

Learning to be Silent


Vi - Anna Ottavi
Ethel - Ella Schmidt

For Good


Glinda - Kylee Mitwede
Elphaba - Gabby Staidl

You and Me (But Mostly Me)

The Book of Mormon

Elder Price - Luke Heying
Elder Cunningham - Patrick Rambousek

Baby Dream Your Dream

Sweet Charity

Nickie - Veronica McDonald
Helene - Gabby Staidl

Hello Little Girl

Into the Woods

Wolf - Johnny Freund
Little Red Riding Hood - Josie Wolbers

Some Things are Meant to be

Little Women

Jo - Abby Wagner
Beth - Anna Spahn


Into the Woods

Cinderella's Prince - Luke Heying
Rapunzel's Prince - Ricky Walker

Who I'd Be

Shrek the Musical

Shrek - Alex Oberfoell
Fiona - Joce Staidl
Donkey - Aidan Dolan

Right Hand Man

Something Rotten!

Bea - Abby Wagner
Nick - Aaron Kluesner
Nigel - William Grommet

Lady in the Long Black Dress

Sister Act

Bones - Johnny Freund
TJ - Aidan Dolan
Pablo - Brady McSperrin

Group Numbers

Ya Got Trouble

The Music Man

Directors / Choreographers:

Johnny Freund and Brady McSperrin

Harold Hill - Johnny Freund
Josh Chapman, William Grommet, Nick Hill, Bianka McCoy, Kylee Mitwede, Alex Oberfoell, Wilson Oberfoell, Anna Ottavi, Leah Park, Patrick Rambousek, Anna Spahn, Gabby Staidl, Joce Staidl

Bad Guys

Bugsy Malone

Bad Guys:
Josh Chapman, Aidan Dolan, Aaron Kluesner, Noah Ripperger
Fat Sam - Brady McSperrin

Toledo Surprise

Drowsy Chaperone

Gangster Baker 1 - Noah Ripperger
Gangster Baker 2 - Aaron Kluesner
Kitty - Abby Wagner
Mr. Feldzieg - Brady McSperrin
Mrs. Tottendale - Anna Spahn
Underling - Wilson Oberfoell
Aldolpho - Aidan Dolan
Chaperone - Anna Ottavi
George - Ricky Walker
Robert - Luke Heying
Janet - Josie Wolbers
Wedding Guests:
Gabby Staidl, Joce Staidl

Bikini Bottom Day

Spongebob the Musical

Directors / Choreographers:

Anna Spahn and Abby Wagner

Spongebob - Patrick Rambousek
Patrick - Brady McSperrin
Squidward - Josh Chapman
Sandy - Ella Schmidt
Mr. Krabs - Johnny Freund
Plankton - Jonathan Hill
Karen - Anna Spahn
Pearl - Veronica McDonald
Gary the Snail - Leah Park
Mrs. Puff - Anna Ottavi
Larry the Lobster - Luke Heying
Princess Mindy - Abby Wagner
Nematode - Joce Staidl
Narrator - William Grommet

All Female Number

Mama Who Bore Me (and Reprise)

Spring Awakening

Director / Choreographer:

Anna Ottavi

Wendla - Nadine Mueller
Bianka McCoy, Veronica McDonald, Kylee Mitwede, Anna Ottavi, Leah Park, Gabby Staidl, Joce Staidl, Anna Spahn, Abby Wagner, Josie Wolbers

All Male Number

All Alone


Historian - Wilson Oberfoell
Patsy - Patrick Rambousek
King Arthur - Brady McSperrin
Sir Robin - Luke Heying
Robin's Minstrel - Noah Ripperger
Sir Bedivere - Josh Chapman
Sir Galahad - Aaron Kluesner
Sir Lancelot - Alex Oberfoell
Concorde - Nick Hill
Voice of God - Jonathan Hill
Prince Herbert - William Grommet
Prince Herbert's Father - Johnny Freund
French Taunter - Ricky Walker
Sir Not Appearing in this Show - Aidan Dolan

Our Finale!

You Can't Stop the Beat



Jonathan Hill


Ella Schmidt

Corny Collins - Johnny Freund
Tracey Turnblad - Abby Wagner
Penny Pingleton - Anna Spahn
Seaweed J. Stubbs - Aidan Dolan
Edna Turnblad - Brady McSperrin
Wilbur Turnblad - Jonathan Hill
Josh Chapman, William Grommet, Nick Hill, Bianka McCoy, Veronica McDonald, Kylee Mitwede, Nadine Mueller, Alex Oberfoell, Wilson Oberfoell, Anna Ottavi, Leah Park, Patrick Rambousek, Noah Ripperger, Gabby Staidl, Joce Staidl, Anna Spahn, Abby Wagner, Josie Wolbers


Director / Choreographer
(except where noted)

Aidan McSperrin

Music Director / Piano Accompaniment

Jonathan Hill

Camera Operator

Flora Wahlert

Thanks also to the Wahlert Catholic High School community for supporting the arts - in particular Ron Meyers.


Thanks to the Encore Club for their continued support of the performing arts!

The Encore Club is an organization of Wahlert Catholic High School supporters who help provide funds specifically for performing arts projects. This includes the vocal, instrumental and drama departments. The Encore Club purchases items that can be used by the school for many years. All funds raised by the Encore Club are strictly used for performing arts endeavors.

For more information about Encore click HERE.


Normally this event acts as the primary fundraiser for the Wahlert Theatre department.
If you enjoy the VIRTUAL performances above - please consider making a small donation - thanks!


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