Wahlert Catholic Performing Arts Callboard

Impulse Show Choir (Posted: October 10, 2017)

Thanks again and as always to all who auditioned. Your preparedness, talent, and excitement always genuinely makes for difficult decisions. Your work doesn't go unnoticed, and Kevin and I are incredibly proud of hearing what you were able to do with these auditions. We never take these auditions lightly and know what it takes to try out, so thanks to all who made this effort! We are so excited to have so much talent, and hope you are as proud as we are of your efforts. It's hard to make these selections when so many are deserving, so please focus on all the amazing things you've done and know that you don't need your name on a list to appreciate your talent or to feel pride for what you've done!

Our soloists this year will be:

I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight

Gwyneth McSperrin

Ballad Duet

Owen Borelli, Abby Burns

Ballad Quartet

Michael Rambousek, Owen Borelli, Cara Sullivan, Abby Burns

If You Ain't In It

Eric Leigh

Larger Than Life

Jacob Nuti