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Wahlert Catholic Performing Arts Callboard

Anything Goes Cast List

Posted: 12/21/19

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for our Spring Production! Given the wealth of talent and character you displayed at auditions and our determination as a casting team to put together the strongest cast possible, the audition/callback process has been extremely rigorous. We were continually impressed by your preparation, your incredible talent, and your ability to collaborate with us and with each other.

Thank you for your commitment and the many hours of hard work you put into this demanding and challenging process. While not everyone was cast in this show, we encourage you all to continue to audition for theatre productions inside and outside of school if this is something you want to do! Additionally, this show will require a talented and dedicated group of people working on various crews. Please reach out to us if you are interested in participating in whatever capacity on this very important component of the show! If your name is listed below, plan on attending a full cast meeting on Friday, January 10th at 3:00PM in the theatre where we will discuss scheduling and the rehearsal process. We look forward to working on this production of Anything Goes!

Billy Crocker Noah Burns
Reno Sweeney Eva Wahlert
Moonface Martin Josh Chapman
Hope Harcourt Allie Arnz
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh Luke Heying
Erma Abby Wagner
Elisha Whitney Johnny Freund
Evangeline Harcourt Anna Spahn
Captain Anna Ottavi
Purser Patrick Rambousek
Virtue Monica Ripley
Purity Hannah Krapfl
Chastity Ava Hoelscher
Charity Anna Sigwarth
Reporter/Quartet (Tenor I) Aidan Dolan
Photographer/Quartet (Baritone) Ian Borelli
Fred/Quartet (Bass) Aaron Kluesner
Quartet (Tenor II) Evan Arnz
Luke Marina Hishikawa
John Samara Wigginton
Henry T. Dobson Noah Ripperger
Old Lady in a Wheelchair Megan Hefel
F.B.I. Agent #1 Tyler Powers
F.B.I. Agent #2 Brendan Poirier
EnsembleAva Anderson, Emily Barnes, Emma Belken, Jenna Berendes, Michelle Carpenter, Lydia Foy, Macie Huntington, Alyssa Kirby, Nora Mahoney, Tatum Manternach, Marley McSwain, Kylee Mitwede, Nadine Mueller, Nick Nachtman, Zach Noonan, Alex Oberfoell, Wilson Oberfoell, Nora Schmalz, Ella Schmidt, Gabby Staidl, Andrea Swift