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Posted: Sat Jun 8, 9:00pm

To everyone who tried out for show choir,

Thanks so much for the work, preparation, and care that went into each and every one of your auditions this year. Kevin and I were beyond impressed with the talent and work that we saw as a whole, and that has led us to be even more excited about next year and confident in your abilities to take both groups to the next step. As the list is posted this evening, please take time to reflect on your journey to this point in show choir, and remember to celebrate what you've achieved regardless of which list has your name on it.

We are going to make sure both groups continue to grow even beyond the success we had this season. With big plans on the horizon next year, we are so excited to focus on the future and growing together in the WCHS show choir family. At the bottom of each list, there will be a text code, and PLEASE follow the instructions and sign up so that you can receive updates this summer leading into the fall. We will be updating the competition schedule (where we go, not which dates we will use), and perhaps do some costume fittings towards the end of summer, so being in these text groups is extremely important (these text groups are new as well, so please rejoin even if you were already in a group last year).

Finally, congratulations to all once again for all of your efforts, you should be so proud at the amount that you've grown and each group has an opportunity to challenge yourself to become even better and excel as leaders, learners, and performers. Please have a great relaxing summer, and get ready to work to make Impact and Impulse the best they've ever been in the fall.

Mr. B and Kevin

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